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HomeWatch Services


Free 1st month Home Watch Service

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1. Inspection of Interior Walls, Floors and Ceilings

2. Inspection of Exterior Roof, Walls and Windows

3, Visual Inspection of your Lawn for Problems with the Irrigation System

4. Run Water through all Taps and Faucets

5. Flush toilets

6. Run showers

7. Check Thermostats

8. Check Refrigerator

9. Check Breaker Box

10. Check Security System

11. Check for any signs of mildew, mold, unusual and/or damp odors

12. Check for any visible signs of insect infestation

13. Bring in Mail and Newspapers

  • 14. Ensure the Landscaping and Pool and Cleaning Services are being done
  • 15. Insure all Security Lights in working order
  • 16. Start any cars at property
  • 17. Check all Doors are locked
  • 18. Accept Deliveries at your in your absence
  • 19. Overseeing Services at your home in your absence


Meet with contractors and remain on property upon request until service is complete (additional hourly charge)

Just about anything else you require for your home or condominium



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